The Garden Society of Gothenburg

Just a stones throw from the central station lies the Garden Society of Gothenburg. 

The Garden Society of Gothenburg is one of the best-preserved 19th century parks in Europe. A verdant ocean in the very heart of the city; a place to relax and be inspired. Undulating lawns, and flower beds filled with native and foreign plants alongside historic buildings that take you back to the golden age of horticulture. With its gentle lines, the park has a very distinct 19th century atmosphere.

Contemporary flowerbeds, woodlands and the magnificent collection of roses also make the park of interest from a modern-day perspective. There is no doubt that from the very beginning The Garden Society of Gothenburg has been an oasis for the people of Gothenburg.

The Horticultural Gardens
In the middle of the 19th Century, gardening became more and more popular in Europe. Many new species were introduced from other parts of the world and plant breeding developed strongly. Horticultural associations were formed in many places in Sweden. The Garden Society of Gothenburg was founded in 1842 and is today one of the best preserved 19th Century parks in Europe. It was declared a building monument in 1992.

The purpose of founding the gardens had two main objectives: to promote the spreading of horticulture and to create a popular meeting place. The Garden Society was one of Sweden’s leading plant nurseries at that time and, in order to promote social life, there were a number of bandstands, Schweizerei (a café licensed to sell wines and spirits) and other small houses.

Horticulture and bringing people together are just as important today. Here, you will find a very diverse range of plants with among other things, a Rose Garden, exotic plants in the Palmhouse, an impressive collection of trees, perennials and annuals, as well as an agave and a cactus planting. Restaurants and cafés, musical arrangements, theatrical performances, seminars, seasonal parties and many other things make the park hustle and bustle throughout the year.



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Öppettider & entré

Parken är öppen (dagligen):
Maj-september: 07.00-20.00
Oktober-april: 07.00-18.00

Palmhuset är öppet (dagligen):
Juni-augusti: 10.00-20.00
September-maj: 10.00-16.00
OBS! 5-8 december är Palmhuset stängt. Öppnar igen  9 december kl 12.00.

Fri entré till parken och Palmhuset.

Ingångar från Slussgatan (Drottningtorget), Södra vägen (Bältespännarparken) och Nya Allén. 
Hitta hit med kollektivtrafik (Centralstationen och Kungsportsplatsen)


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13, 27 november
Guidning i Palmhuset

9-31 december
Jul i Palmhuset med Gunnar Kaj

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